London travel tips you must know before visiting

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

London travel tips will give you an electrifying experience. is one of those cities that are constantly changing with the sprouting of new and exciting stuff nearly every day! That’s all fine, but it can definitely make a visit to our capital city very hectic, particularly if you’re arranging, booking, and seeing all the stuff you want in a short time.

London has recently taken the top spot as the best destination in the world, based on millions of reviews and opinions from your travelers! People from around the world, and for good reason, are enjoying England’s lively and fast-paced capital. London has something for any sort of tourist, from the trendsetter in fashion to the curious food buff to history. But it’s important to get to know the culture and traditions before traveling.

What is unique about London?

London has the glory of the Gothic. It is a city that is colorful and London has a magic of its own. London travel tip has something for every traveler, one of the most visited cities in the world:  London has been extremely cosmopolitan and glamorous over 2000 years of history. It has theatrical innovation, music, contemporary art, poetry, architecture, food, and design. With such richness, the global dynamism of London makes it one of the most diverse cities in the world. It’s a city of art and culture. In London, you will discover a town full of independent thinkers and imaginations that are larger than life.

Grab an Oyster card

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

A London Oyster Card will save you time and money when it comes to travel-related costs. Follow London travel tips to grab your card.

You can avail of a free Oyster Card with a small refundable deposit from most tube stations and preload a certain amount to the card. The journey has a maximum daily limit that you can pay in one day when using an Oyster Card. It means that the rest of the day’s travel will be completely free across London after 3 or 4 journeys. It’s one of those interesting facts about London that without understanding you wouldn’t really understand.

London is huge

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

No one would doubt the enormity of London. Check with London travel tips to go around the city. The city and metropolitan area are ginormous,with millions of people. If you only have a few short days in the city, try to stay in London’s best areas you’d like to visit. This will save you a lot of time traveling around the city every day. Especially, traveling in London can add up to several hours of transportation time per day.

Travel by low-cost flights

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

If you want to keep costs low, then you need to know some travel tips about London. You know, you should take a low-cost flight to one of London’s more regional airports.

Such airports tend to give preference to higher landing fees. The airports such as London Luton, London Stansted and London Southend are cheaper than Heathrow or London City. There is also a downside. Stansted is for about 45 minutes by train or 1 hour by rail or bus to the city center.

Go for free coffee

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

It’s one of those interesting facts you wouldn’t even know about London until it occurs to you. You may be one of the lucky people chosen to receive the coffee for free at the barista’s choice within Pret. If you’re searching for a quieter place, go to one of these lovely coffee shops.

Walk between tube stations

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

London travel tips will help you understand the transport system well. There are quite a few stations where walking is actually faster than riding the tube/bus. If it is Covent Garden or Leicester Square, the stroll can take less than 3 minutes. It is easier than going underground on the tube and will not cost you a penny.

 West End’s inexpensive shows

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

If you want to see one of the west-end’s best shows and head straight across to Leicester Square’s middle. On the day, which is usually heavily discounted, you can buy tickets for performances. The best seats available and there are offers to you. And you can even choose from the seats available. It’s one of those fascinating facts that you’re going to love if you’re in the theatre.

Museums are free

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

This is one of the city’s favorite things and one of London’s interesting facts you may not learn if you’re visiting a country paying for museums. Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Science, the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate Modern and many more are all open. Spend a day wandering through the many old objects and admire the city’s rich heritage.

Grab the discounts on trains and Tube fares

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

If you are under 26 years of age or a student, over 60 years of age, you will be able to pick up a Railcard from any train station. For about £ 30 per year, this pass would give you a huge discount of 33 percent off train.  It’s easy to use and will keep the transportation costs down.

Move to London easily

This is one of London’s interesting tidbits that would only be interesting if you intend to move here. Rental costs in the region are very high. But that doesn’t mean you can hesitate or you can make choices about where you’re going to live.  It depends on what the estate agents and other housing authorities recommend you.

Tipping is not necessary

Tipping isn’t as big a deal as it’s in the U.S. or other nations, but that doesn’t suggest it’s not respected. A small tip of 10-15% is typically more than perfect for a restaurant and no need to tip at any bar or beer. There is also no need to tip when hailing a cab, although rounding up the amount to the nearest pound always makes sense. It’s one of London’s interesting facts that might seem very strange if you’re used to a tipping culture. Nevertheless, you might note that some of London’s best restaurants apply about 12.5 percent of the optional service charge to bills.

Visit Big Ben for free

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

Big Ben buzzes all over London inside the Queen Elizabeth II Tower. It is only open by invitation attached to the House of Parliament. When you live in the UK, one of the easiest ways to get an invitation is to contact your local MP . They’re going to put forward your name and issue some free tickets for a tour! It’s a unique perspective that most people have never seen before.

Tour London reasonably

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

There are buses running throughout the area but often paying a pretty high price tag for your comfort. But, if you’re exploring London and want to save time and money. There are some interesting facts about London that will save you a pretty penny. If you want to save a lot of that price, for example, you’ll jump on a red London bus. If you want to save a lot of that amount, for example, you’ll get on a red London bus. Step on the 24-hour train from Marylebone Station and grab a seat upstairs could be a dream ride. You will pass through Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Downing Street, Parliament Houses, Big Ben, and London Eye where you can hop off and walk through London’s Southbank.

Stay away from Oxford street weekends

A weekend shopping on Oxford Street, as thousands of people line up the sidewalks, can be a chaotic experience. Because of crowd control, there can be literally no space on the pavements and even the tube closes. If you’re eager to go shopping, think about going to Oxford Street in mid-morning, and ideally on a weekday. Crowds are much smaller and at your own rate, you can comfortably see the stores.

Relish the tasty fish and chips

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

British favorite can often be a bit hard to locate in central London. But you can easily find a few delicious spots. Fortunately, Poppies in Shoreditch has one of the best in the city and is so much of amazingly great quality. New meals have salt and vinegar floggings on them.

You can rent a bike

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

Everyone in London can borrow a bike; all you need is a debit or credit card and a clear sense of direction. If you’re looking for a nice afternoon, pick up a bike from one of the bays for self-service cycling and ride through the area. Seeing the city is a great way and you’ll save lots of time and money as well. It’s one of those interesting facts about London that make walking the city very enjoyable.

Discover Covent Garden

Covent Garden is more than just a picturesque lined place with charming little shops! When you look closely at your next tour, you could see quite a few’ hidden’ noses and ears positioned around the entire area, so remember to keep your eyes peeled for them. It’s really one of the interesting facts hidden in plain sight about London.

Liberty Bell

You can go to the Bell Foundry Whitechapel and meet the oldest bell manufacturer in the world. Not only did they make Big Ben’s likes, but they also made the Liberty Bell that is now so symbolic for the United States and its people. The property still exists in Whitechapel, although it is currently closed, and is easy to find if you are in the area. It’s one of London’s most interesting facts not even known to many Londoners.

London’s astonishing cocktail bars

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

Shoreditch is one of the hippest areas and one of London’s most interesting facts is that they also have some of the city’s best drink spots.  Filled with a number of awesome speakeasies, underground bars, and exclusive hangouts, this spot is the best place to visit for a night out.

The markets are appetizing

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

In London, there are so many fascinating markets that it can be hard to whittle them down to just a few to enjoy. However, Borough Market has lots of delicious treats. Head here for a quick bite to eat around lunchtime and enjoy a little from one of the many dessert stalls. The fact is London isn’t just packed with stores and out-of-town entertainment, it has so many amazing markets to visit, and you’ll be spoiled for choice truly.

Visit Buckingham Palace

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

In the summer months, you will actually visit Buckingham Palace. Before you travel, tickets can be purchased online and it’s worth a visit if you’re planning to get married or just fancy a good nose around the Queen’s gaff! This is really one of the interesting facts about London that should be exposed to international visitors.

Look around the garden

Tickets are completely free as this is a public space that anyone can enjoy. See some stunning city views and even stop for a bite to eat if you like. It’s a great place to see and one of London’s interesting facts that you may not know exists when you’re looking for the best perspectives.

Tube stations

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

Tube stations can get very busy if you want to experience as a Londoner, with quite limited space for everyone to move around. There are lanes on the escalators up and down the stations. When you plan to stand and use the left when you intend to scale the stairs, please stand on the right. Personally, it’s one of those interesting facts about London that you wouldn’t know if you didn’t live here.

Notting Hill is colorful with more houses

This part of London has become one of the best places to explore some of London’s tastiest restaurants, sometimes missed for the more adventurous/exciting East-End unless it’s for carnival. It has a proper food scene to visit on a lazy afternoon, making it a great place. Take a walk around brunch and settle down for something completely different, local or organic.

Get a local sim card

Free wifi on London’s streets can be quite awful if you don’t want to spend a lot of time in Starbucks or Apple. If your phone is unlocked, pick up a local sim card at a fraction of roaming costs to make calls and internet allowance. When it comes to value for dollars, you have the best suppliers of inexpensive sim cards. Moreover, you can easily pick up sim cards in most of the city’s electronic stores.

Taste the scrumptious Sunday lunches

Anyone who visits London or the UK has to try a traditional Sunday Roast for the first time. Mainly made up of chicken, beef or lamb, stuffing dollops, gravy, and a whole vegetable garden, it’s really one of the easiest ways to enjoy a traditional British dinner. Don’t hesitate to inquire with your meal for a Yorkshire pudding; it’s too good to miss.

Camden Town is always unique

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

If you’re trying to see another side of the city, then Camden Town is one of London’s best neighborhoods to visit. Get here to explore the incredible street markets, from Ethiopian fare, Moroccan leather to pan-Asian cuisine. The area’s entire aura is vibrant with an emerging counterculture exploding with energy at the edges.

People are friendly

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

Obviously, Londoners may look a little cold or quiet while on a packed tube scrunching at you, but Londoners are wonderful people. Undoubtedly, you’re going to make lots of friends and meet lots of new people at almost every London bar who’ll have a good old natter with you so don’t let anyone stop you from making new friends when you’re in London.

Take an umbrella

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

It’s probably to be one of the wetter facts about London than interesting ones. You know, even in summer, the weather in London is notoriously unpredictable. Don’t forget to pack a raincoat or umbrella to stay dry when those notorious rains start to fall! Check the weather outlook at the very least before you leave your hotel or Airbnb.

Add little Nature

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

London travel tips help you explore the beautiful parks all over the city-no matter where you live, there’s almost definitely one within walking distance of your apartment. If you’re ever feeling a little sick of the city, you’ll always be able to explore some of its beautiful parks, some more woodland, and nature than others. If that’s not enough, the city is surrounded by stunning English countryside on all sides and is just a short train ride away. If you need one, there is always an easy escape from the busy city, and some of the most stunning are the English countryside.

Spring season is marvelous

Things you Need to Know When You are in London

During the winter, London gets very cold. Follow London travel tips to know about he weather. The temperature drops, the wind is ice cold, and without shoes, you can’t leave the house. It may be quite bleak for a couple of months, but it’s all worth it when spring comes. As long as the temperature raises a little, in a matter of weeks, the trees will change from absolutely brown and drab to brightly green, verdant, and beautiful. All the trees go so quickly from zero to orange, and it’s always incredible to see. During this time, in fields and in any patches of grass, daffodils and colorful flowers tend to sprout throughout the area, and trees often begin to bloom in white and purple.

London is safe

London is a secured city as long as you’re using your common sense, don’t walk down dark dodgy streets at night, or walk with your headphones on, London is an extremely safe place especially if you’re near the center. Generally, there are people all day and night around anyway, and you shouldn’t have anything to think about for the most part.

Discover endless places

You can survive in London for years, if you follow London travel tips. You can still uncover something new each day. There is just so much going on everywhere that it is impossible to really know it all. This fact about London is what makes it truly mysteriously fascinating . You can never discover it all or know it all; London will always be withholding something exciting from you. And it’s like a never-ending quest to find just what that may be. Life in London includes vintage and fresh markets. You have lunch in the park, multi-station food and drink popup inside an old warehouse, and breakfast at a cereal café.

Related Questions

1.What is the UK famous for?

Britain has been accredited for many things, from David Beckham, Fish, and Chips, Big Ben, Red Buses, Black Cabs, Oasis, Blur, Beatles, Paris, institutes of research and Tea. Windsor Castle is still in use as the oldest royal house.

2.What is the national food of the UK?

Beef, pudding, roast, and banger and mash are considered as England’s national dishes. Chicken tikka masala is also available and it is one of the national dishes of England.

3.What is London best known for?

London has many modern and ancient tourist destinations. It offers its visitors many historical trips and adventures through many ages. The Big Ben , undoubtedly,  one of London’s most famous landmarks.

4.What is very famous in London?

Westminster Palace’s Clock Tower, or the Big Ben, is one of the most famous landmarks in London. The Tower Bridge in London is one of the world’s most iconic bridges. The bridge soon became one of the most famous landmarks in London.

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