Major Festivals in Costa Rica

Major festivals in Costa Rica will make people understand their culture and tradition. Costa Rica is a Central American country that, like many Latin countries, hosts a number of notable events or festivals that represent the Costa Rican people’s culture and feelings. Many of these celebrations, particularly religious celebrations, reveal the population’s ideas and views.

Major Festivals in Costa Rica

Similarly, most of these holidays and celebrations can depict the various cultures that coexist inside the country. Costa Rica, like the rest of Latin America, is home to a diverse range of cultures, both native and foreign, which allows visitors to partake in a variety of celebrations throughout the year.

People in Costa Rica celebrate their major festivals in Costa Rica throughout the year by displaying traditions such as music, food with a various range of dishes and ingredients, unique and exciting clothing, processions or parades where we can see the merging of cultures, and even how essential belief is to the country’s population.

Major festivals in Costa Rica are as follows:

S.noMonthFestivalHow is it celebrated?
 JanuarySaint Days of Santa Cruz Celebrated withbull rides.
 JanuaryCoffee CupCelebrated with a tennis event.
 JanuaryFiestas Palmares  Celebrated withbullfights, music, food stalls, carnivals, and fireworks.
 FebruaryEnvision FestivalCelebrated with music, dance, and yoga.
 MarchSan Isidro Labrador DayCelebrated with parades.
 MarchThe International festival of Arts Celebrated with entertainments.
 JulyVirgin of The Sea DayCelebrated withmusic, dance, prayers, and food.
 JulyGuanacaste Day Celebrated withtraditional food, crafts, and parades. 
 AugustVirgin of Los Angeles Day Celebrated withpilgrimage and processions.
 SeptemberIndependence DayCelebrated with parades and festivities.
 DecemberFestival of LightsCelebrated withmusic and food.
 DecemberLas Fiestas de Zapote  Celebrated with rides and bull fights.
 DecemberFiesta de los Diablitos  Celebrated with a traditional drink and other entertainments.
      14.National Orchid ExhibitionCelebrated with the display of orchids.

Other celebrations and major festivals in Costa Rica may include the usage of legendary creatures for various costumes, or the use of traditional and older clothing by adults and children to better express the uniqueness of each town in the country. They can showcase a variety of games and activities to attract visitors, particularly tourists, to a small portion of culture. Thesemajor festivals in Costa Rica and also cultural events, however, are more than entertainment; they reflect the Costa Rican people’s passion, faith, and patriotism, regardless of social class, age, religion, gender, or race.

Saint Days of Santa Cruz 

Saint Days of Santa Cruz 
Saint Days of Santa Cruz 

This is a Catholic festival honoring Santa Cruz’s patron saint, “Santo Cristo de Esquipulas.” The primary day of the celebration is January 15th, and there are two main places for the celebrations in Santa Cruz: the Plaza de los Mangos, where bloodless bull riding takes place, and the Parque Bernabela Ramos, where various cultural activities will take place.

Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup festival in costa rica

A popular tennis event that has grown in popularity over the years and the most significant component of this tournament is that all of the competitors are under the age of 18. It takes place throughout a week in mid-January at the Costa Rica Country Club in San Jose.

Fiestas Palmares

Palmares Fiestas is the year’s longest party and the biggest of the traditional festivals. Consider it a Costa Rican version of Oktoberfest. A horseback riding procession, classic bullfights, music, food stalls, carnivals, fireworks, and an endless supply of alcohol are all on the agenda.

Envision Festival

There will be a good crowd, as well as art, spirituality, music, dance, yoga, peace, and education, all of which will take place in the heart of nature. As a participant in this festival, you will get a flavor of the local culture as well as the fascinating aura of nature. Live performances and yoga sessions are also part of the festival.

San Isidro Labrador Day

San Isidro, the patron saint of the peasant, is observed throughout the country with festivals, livestock and agricultural blessings, as well as parades and marketplaces.

 The International festival of Arts 

 The International festival of Arts 
 The International festival of Arts 

An initiative of Costa Rica’s Department of Culture and Youth. Every two years in San José, the world’s best artists and local entertainers have met since 1992. Usually takes place at a number of different sites across the country.

Virgin of the Sea Day

Virgin of the Sea Day
Virgin of the Sea Day

To celebrate Puntarenas’ patron saint the Virgin of Mt. Carmel, a parade takes place along the coast with colorful fishing boats. During the festival, there will be music, dance, prayers, food, fireworks, and athletic events.

Guanacaste Day 

Costa Ricans mark the capture of Guanacaste Region from Nicaragua in 1824 in Liberia. More official ceremonies are from schools and government departments as part of this celebration, following traditional food, crafts, and parades and it is one of the major festivals in Costa Rica.

Virgin of Los Angeles Day 

Costa Ricans honor and celebrate their saintly patroness, popularly known as “La Negrita,” on August 2nd and praise her with an annual pilgrimage and processions from San Jose to Cartago, Costa Rica’s former capital city, where the Virgin’s Basilica is located.

Independence Day

Independence day in Costa Rica

Actually, it is not just Costa Rica’s Independence Day, but also the Independence Day of Central America. The celebration will take place in all Central American countries, so a torch as a symbol of freedom will be carried by relay runners from Nicaragua to Cartago in the afternoon, and all festivities must be halted at 6:15 p.m. so Costa Ricans can sing the national anthem. There will be parades and festivities all around the country on this day and this is one of the major festivals in Costa Rica.

Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

People flock to the streets of San Jose on the second Saturday of December to formally kick off the holiday season. This is a colorful celebration with fantastic music and food, as well as a large parade with lights-up cars to celebrate the Christmas season.

Las Fiestas de Zapote

The carnival has rides, bullfights, and snack stalls and the festive event combines winter brightness, carnival fun, and Latin culture for a one-of-a-kind experience that everyone should take part in.

Fiesta de los Diablitos

The festival fiesta takes place in the Rey Curre Village in San Isidro de El General and it is one of the major festivals in Costa Rica. This is a traditional and cultural event in which the Boruca residents pay respect to ancestral spirits while remembering the tribe’s win over Spanish colonizers. One of theoldest and major festivals in Costa Rica. Boruca Men dress up with colorful hand-carved wooden masks, while the other person is meant to be the Spanish conquerors’ bull. The major drink is Chicha, a brewed maize beverage; visitors can attend the celebrations for free.

National Orchid Exhibition

National Orchid Exhibition in Costa Rica

The date varies from year to year, but it is an excellent show and competition that showcases more than 300 different species of orchids from around the world. The best growers of orchids grow these varieties all over the year.

Related Questions

1. What are the major fectivals in Costa Rica?

  • New Years Day
  • Semana Santa
  • Easter.
  • Día de Juan
  • Día de los Padres
  • Día de los Trabajadores
  • Día de Guanacaste.
  • Virgen de Los Angeles.

2. What religious celebrations take place in Costa Rica?

  • Fiestas Zapote. Limon Carnival.
  • Envision Festival.
  • Fiestas Palmares.

3. How does Costa Rica celebrate Christmas?

Costa Ricans celebrate Christmas with several festivities, parades, rodeos, bull races, street parties, and dance festivals between December and January. On the second week of December, the lively, wild, and brilliant Festival de la Luz in San Jose kicks off the festivities.

4.What is a cultural activity in Costa Rica?

Many of Costa Rica’s most interesting cultural experiences are on the coffee farm, touring a pineapple plantation, or enjoying a fantastic plate of gallo pinto at the local restaurant.

5. Whats the most popular sport in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica’s most popular sport is football. Costa Rica has long been known as a Central American football exporter, with 19 players playing in European professional football leagues in 2006. 

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