The Best Travel Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

The Best Tips for Your Trip to ThailandThailand Travel Tips for Your Trip aids you in understanding the country’s lush tropical and varied landscape. Thailand is located in Southeast Asia with the Andaman Sea to its west. Although Thailand is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and islands, it is also full of stunning mountainous regions and a number of listed heritage sites. With a multitude of shopping, dining and nightlife choices, the friendly atmosphere in Thailand makes Thailand’s tourism popular with all kinds of travelers.

Iconic white sandy beaches and warm people are just a small part of the attraction that attracts people to Thailand; any trip here is more than expected. A land of contrasts, with an eclectic mix of glittering temples, you can expect an overload to the senses; messy cities and delicious fresh Thai food.

When is the best time to visit ?

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

Check out Thailand travel tips to get to know the weather and climate of the ccountry.Thailand is a year-round getaway characterized by hot summers, rainy monsoon and cool winter months, with a warm tropical climate. Thailand’s weather, however, varies across the country’s northern, central and southern regions. Thailand’s summer lasts from March to June, with Thailand’s average temperature ranging from 30 ° C to 34 ° C. The Songkran Festival, held annually throughout Thailand in April. It is one of the most important festivals this season. This festival marks the New Year of Thailand and had become popular internationally. This is a great time to choose a trip with your loved ones in Thailand.  as you will be able to explore and experience a unique aspect of the welcoming culture of Thailand.

The monsoon period from the end of June to October is when Thailand has fewer tourists due to rain, but also many off-season offers. The average temperature in Thailand currently ranges from 26 ° C to 30 ° C. It’s the best time to visit National Parks in Thailand and if you’re a nature lover. During this time, one of Thailand’s most popular festivals is the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Often called the Vegetarian Festival, based on the Chinese lunar calendar, this nine-day Taoist festival takes place around the months of September and October.

Thailand’s winter lasts from November to February, with average temperatures ranging from 24 ° C to 27 ° C. This season is considered the best time to visit Thailand and you can choose to explore its beaches and islands from a variety of Thailand tour packages. If you want to enjoy Thai culture in this season, during November, when the Loy Krathong Festival takes place, you should opt for a Thailand trip package including Chiang Mai or Bangkok.

Places to visit

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

Follow Thailand travel tips to keep up an itinerary when you are in Thailand. The counrty is Asia’s most visited country, and has ancient temples and rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation in Thailand, a honeymoon, or just planning an adventurous trip to Thailand with your gang of friends, there’s plenty to see and do in the destination.

Grand palace

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

In the center of Bangkok, the Grand Palace complex includes some of the most historic and sacred sites that tourists can visit on a Bangkok city tour. The Palace has been Thailand’s official residence since 1782. Visitors will also find the famous Emerald Buddha Temple in the compound of the Grand Palace.

Dream world

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

Dream World is another fun place to visit with family in Bangkok. This amusement park has more attractions grouped into different theme zones that are suitable to people of various ages. Teenagers and pleasure-seekers will love attractions such as the Sky Coaster, Grand Canyon, and the Vikings, while younger children will enjoy animal shows, cooking, train rides, and karting.

Ocean world

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is probably one of Thailand’s biggest family attractions and is divided into various areas, including Shark Walk, Coral Reef, Seahorse Kingdom, Tropical Rainforest, Penguin Ice Adventure, etc. This huge indoor aquarium can be included in the itinerary if you want Thailand tour packages for a trip with your family. You can also see different types of penguins here apart from Giant Spider crabs, Hermit crabs, and short-clawed otters. You can see Sand Tiger sharks, Leopard sharks and Black tip reef sharks in the Shark zone.

Safari world

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

The Safari World is a must-visit if you’ve opted for a Thailand package like Bangkok. It has a safari park and a marine theme park. The safari park is about 8 km long and here you can take a ride with camels, gazelles, giraffes, and several other animals to get up close. The marine park is a walk-through zoo where your kids would enjoy watching the exciting sea-lion show along with the fun dolphin show. There is also a separate area that contains many varieties of avian species.

Sriracha tiger zoo

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo, situated on the outskirts of Pattaya, is home to 400 Royal Bengal tigers. Whether you’re here with your family or alone, it’s a wonderful experience. It is home not only to these tigers but also to crocodiles, kangaroos, lions, ostriches and various bird species. Don’t miss the Tiger Shows, where tigers can be seen jumping through the rings of fire. If you have opted with your family for a Thailand kit, consider adding this zoo to your itinerary as your kids will enjoy feeding tiger cubs along with the other animals.

Wat Pho

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

The Wat Pho Temple next to Bangkok’s Grand Palace is one of the city’s oldest temples and a must-see sight in Bangkok for a first-timer. Sometimes known as the Reclining Buddha Temple, the temple of the 18th century is famous for its Buddha’s 46 m long gold-plated statue. This is one of the oldest and most visited temples in Thailand. The Reclining Buddha’s feet soles are inlaid with pearl’s mother, displaying the Buddha’s 108 characteristics. The temple compound has a Bodhi Tree which is a descendant of Gaya’s original Bodhi Tree, under which Buddha had meditated before he became enlightened.

Cartoon network park

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

Pattaya’s Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park is one of Thailand’s biggest water parks. It’s the perfect place to have a nice day out on your Thailand trip with your friends or family. The Park is about the Cartoon Network TV Channel and provides chances for children to meet their favorite characters like Ben 10, Johnny Bravo, and The Powerpuff Girls. It has a wide range of fun swings and slides, as well as aqua play areas for younger kids. It also has attractions such as a flowing river, wave pool and arena for surfing. Characters like the Powerpuff Girls and others also appear frequently during the day.

Underwater world

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

This tremendous indoor aquarium is another important place to visit with children in Pattaya. The Underwater World has Coral, Shark and Crab, and Jellyfish. The Shark and Ray Zone are still the most common as you will see Blacktip Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks as well as Eagle rays and popular shovelnose rays. Below, for an exciting experience, you can even dive in. Even, don’t miss out on otters feeding displays. If you choose a family tour package in Bangkok Pattaya, you need to include this attraction in your checklist.

 Nong Nooch Village

Things to Know Before You Land in Thailand

A famous sightseeing spot in Pattaya, Nong Nooch Village is a beautiful 600-acre complex made up of large theme gardens such as the Asian Tropical Garden, French Garden of the 17th century, Cactus Garden and Orchid Garden. On the premises, children will love the open zoo and aviary. Don’t skip the Elephant Display where elephants do tricks like riding a bike. A visit to the Nong Nooch Village also requires tickets for traditional Thai dance performances and Thai kickboxing.

The Islands:

Coral Island

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

As the locals call it, Coral Island or Koh Larn lies a short distance off Pattaya’s shore. A Coral Island tour, as it appeals to travelers of all ages, is the most common inclusion in the trip to Thailand. A quick ride away from Pattaya by speedboat, Coral Island offers a soothing sandy beach, clear water for swimming, and a range of water sports activities such as water skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, etc.

James bond Island

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

Khao Ping Kan or James Bond Island is one of Phuket and Krabi’s most popular places to visit. A tour requires a trip on a speedboat, a traditional wooden junk, or a long-tail boat to Phang Nga Bay. The bay has clear waters as well as the view of the outcrops of calcareous and green islets around it. There are also chances for kayaking, diving, and snorkeling on a typical James Bond island trip.

Phi Phi Islands

Things to Know Before You Land in Thailand

No vacation to Thailand is perfect without a visit to the famous Phi Phi Islands, one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations for visitors of all ages. This six-island archipelago, situated about 40 km from Phuket, you can reach either by speedboat or by a larger wooden boat. The islands and white sandy beaches are known for their distinctive sight of tall limestone cliffs rising from the emerald waters. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters on an excursion to the Phi Phi Island. You can add these fascinating islands to your itinerary.

Ang Thong Marine Park

The Ang Thong National Marine Park, a group of islands off Koh Samui, is a protected area and has amazing landscapes, rich wildlife and marine life. On a day trip from Koh Samui, the Ang Thong Islands can be visited, leaving you delighted with their tall limestone cliffs, powdery sand beaches, and dense forests. Beyond admiring the spectacular scenery, where tourists can enjoy diving, snorkeling, hiking and kayaking as well.  When you look at honeymoon packages from Thailand and Thailand Travel Tips to stay in Koh Samui, this is a great way to relax to incorporate it into your itinerary.


Things to Know Before You Land in Thailand

The modern Thai cuisine, well known for being spicy, is also a great combination of sweet, sour, salty and bitter flavors. Thailand is renowned for its gastronomic variety, which is also influenced by the tradition of China.

Som Tam

This is the prominent Crunchy Papaya Salad, made with green papaya, carrots, lime juice, dried shrimp, tamarind, fish sauce, and chilies. If you are in Pattaya, the Sompoi Restaurant is one of the best places to try it out.


The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

It’s a familiar peanut-prepared red curry served with rice. With meat or vegetables, it can be cooked.

Pad Thai

This is a pan-fried flat scrumptious noodle dish and typical street food found nearly all over the country.

Geang Keow Wan Gai

It is made with coconut milk, chicken, green curry paste, basil, and lime leaves, popularly called Thai Green Curry. Although it is often eaten with rice, it is usually intended to be consumed with pasteurized rice noodles.

Mango sticky rice

Made from fresh mango, sticky rice, and coconut milk, this conventional Thai dessert is extremely popular across Thailand.

 Best things to do:

Besides the regular sightseeing in Thailand, there are a lot of interesting things to add to your travel in Thailand to make it even more enjoyable with Thailand Travel Tips.


Things to Know Before You Land in Thailand

Thailand is, without a doubt, the real treat for a shopper. You will purchase a variety of things at great deals from textiles and handicrafts to gemstones, accessories and more. Spend some time at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market to discuss everything from clothes to sculpture to home decoration. If malls are more of yours, go to MBK, Central World or Siam Paragon to find out what you can pick up at a great deal. You should look for Thailand Travel Tips & amazing deals on branded clothes at Outlet Malls in Pattaya and Phuket, and souvenirs at the Pattaya Floating Market.

Bangkok skyline

Things to Know Before You Land in Thailand

Bangkok is practically separated between the ancient and modern cities by the Chao Phraya River. Enjoy a two hour Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise, accompanied by foot-tapping music, and watch from the comfort of the boat the various highlights of the city’s skyline. Relax over a buffet meal with your friends and family, which includes various Thai and multinational options. It’s a great way to spend your evenings in Bangkok.

 Evening shows

Things to Know Before You Land in Thailand

You consider adding to your itinerary an evening show. You can watch the Alcazar Show if you’re visiting Pattaya. This is an elaborate cabaret show with fantastic sets and spectacular sequences of songs and dances. We suggest the Kaan Show in Pattaya, a new state-of-the-art theatrical show based on Thai folk tales if you’re traveling with young children. The show uses a mix of live performances of action and dance and 4D visualization of projection. Likewise, the Phuket Fantasea Show is a family-friendly cultural show with acrobatics, music, magic, 4D effects, and animal performances in Phuket.

 Town center

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

Town center is a place where many visitors tend to come together to shop, eat and party. These tend to be the city’s loud, festive and extremely occurring streets with Thailand Travel Tips. Khao San Street, the busy street particularly popular with backpackers and ideal for people-watching, is one such place in Bangkok. Walking Street in Pattaya offers a variety of bars, clubs and entertainment options, while Bangla Street in Patong is full of lively nightlife, restaurants, and shops.

 Explore the Island

Thailand, with its shimmery white sand and brilliant views, is known for its lush islands. A Thailand Travel Tips for holiday seems incomplete without visiting at least one of these islands for a day. Phuket and Krabi offer the best island tours. This tour will take you to four islands near Krabi, including the popular island of Poda, and you will spend the day sunbathing on pristine beaches, surfing, snorkeling, and marvelous photographs.

 3 D Art gallery

The Paradise Art Museum in Pattaya is worth a visit.Especially if you’re traveling with kids. This exclusive attraction of Pattaya is an indoor art gallery of 3D photographs and paintings. These paintings consist of wild animals, optical illusions, nature and so on. In order to make the most of the quirky sculpture, tourists could take pictures of amusing poses. Likewise, through its 3D immersive drawings and optical illusions, the Trick Eye Museum in Phuket provides fun for the entire family.

 Elephant trekking

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

Whether you’re with your family or friends in Phuket, this experience is enjoyable for everyone. Next, you’ll be able to ride an ATV over rugged roads, forest or local plantations. You can visit an elephant camp after this exciting ride, where you can take a short trip through the tropical jungle. It’s one of the most popular things to do with friends in Phuket.

Full moon party

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

Thailand’s Full Moon Party is an annual, world-famous festive party. This is an essential experience and to have on the bucket list for many travelers from around the world. A crowd of thousands on a sandy beach strip, in a vibrant and festive environment. The pace gets illuminated by the light of the Full Moon and the neon paint in which everyone is painted. People spend the whole night on the beach drinking and dancing until the sun rises.

Relax in hot spring

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

You can add a trip to the Krabi Hot Spring and Emerald Lagoon if your Thailand Travel Tips package includes a stay in Krabi. You can take a refreshing bath in the hot springs. Take spectacular views of the surrounding National Park. And finally ,take a relaxing dive in the stunning freshwater of the Emerald Lagoon. The Lagoon has a rich and high mineral content in the water.

Beaches :

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

Thailand has some of Asia’s most stunning and renowned beaches.


Ao Nang Beach is the most popular beach among the beaches on the mainland of Krabi. All long-tail boats leave from here for island tours from Ao Nang. This beach is perfect for a sunset walk. It has stunning limestone cliffs. The tiny and breathtaking Tonsai Beach is perfect for scuba diving and kayaking. Even rock climbing lessons are available for adventure seekers here. You can reach this beach using a ferry.

Railay Beach is one of Krabi’s best beaches because of its spectacular views of the sunset. It offers a range of activities to tourists of all ages.  This beach is 15 km from Ao Nang and has fewer tourists. So, you’ll be able to relax on the sandy beach in a quiet shady spot.

Koh Samui 

The Best Tips for Your Trip to Thailand

Chaweng Beach is Koh Samui’s most popular beach. The beach has everyhthing , from sun loungers to massages and from water sports to beachfront restaurants. So,a tourist can enjoy a fun-filled day by the sea. Lamai Beach is also one of Thailand’s popular beaches with amazing views. Besides sight seeing, you have plenty of opportunities for diving, snorkeling, and other water sports. Lipa Noi Beach is the best family-friendly because it has clean, rock-free water and very fine sand.

Related Questions

1.Which is the best month to travel to Thailand ?

While Thailand’s climate varies, you can visit it all year round. The best time to travel is between November and early April. During that period, you can have the cool and dry season as well.

2.When is the cheapest month to fly to Thailand?

June and July are the high seasons. You can fly in September since it is supposed to be the cheapest month to fly to Thailand.

3.Is Thai street food harmless to eat?

Unlike popular belief, however, Thailand’s street food is no more risky than restaurants. You are more likely to have fresh food when you eat on the streets. So, you will be able to see the way they prepare, both of which go a long way to keeping you healthy.

4.How much money do you need to stay in Thailand ?

It depends on  what you spend on your hotel room per day. You might spend 500 baht for sparing a night at a fine hotel. You would probably spare 5000 baht for checking in hotels. Approximately, you would spend as much as 1000 baht a day.


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Thailand is a lush tropical country with a varied landscape, located in Southeast Asia with the Andaman Sea to its west. Although Thailand is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches