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The impressive festivals in Egypt will always display the beautiful Egyptian experience to the travelers. Egypt is a unique nation that is at the crossroads between Asia and Africa. The people are very friendly in this country and so the festivals are bright and lively here. Not only is Egypt renowned for its ancient culture of gold and greatness, but also for the great festivals in Egypt that are celebrated today.

The specific range of the Egyptian Civil Society of this ancient land is worth watching as a place known for its peace and equality within society, with Muslims and Christians co-existing peacefully with each other, unlike many other Middle Eastern nations. The most special festivals will enable you to have fun and will make your trip enjoyable that will add more colors to your holiday experience.

Here is a collection of impressive festivals in Egypt.

S.No Month Festival How is it Celebrated?
1. January Coptic Christmas Celebrated with a typical dish of rice, garlic, and meat soup.
2. January Eid Al Ghetas Celebrated with traditional sweets.
3. February – October Sun Festival Celebrated with special prayers.
4. March Sham al-Naseem Celebrated with dance and entertainment.
5. April 3Alganoob Celebrated with independent films, live bands, jamming sessions, drum circles, yoga sessions, and beach cleanups.
6. April Ramadan Celebrated with the most stunning and special spectacular activities.
7. April Oshtoora Celebrated with more initiatives.
8. May Sphinx Festival Celebrated with several entertaining events.
9. May Eid Al Fitr Celebrated with sweets and celebrations.
10. May Moulids Celebrated by honoring the Coptic Saints.
11. June Leylet En Nuktah Celebrated with sacrifices, picnics, and family gatherings.
12. June Sandbox Music Festival Celebrated with House, disco, and dance music DJs.
13. July – August Eid Al Adha Celebrated with the sacrifice of goats.
14. August Islamic New Year Celebrated with traditional Islamic as well as Arabic delicacies.
15. September Wafaa Al Nil Celebrated with concerts, readings of poetry, and activities for children.
16. September The International Samaa’ Festival for Spiritual Music and Chanting Celebrated by establishing the various arts, cultures, and religious heritages.
17. September Cloud9 Celebrated with a diverse range of bands, artists, and workshops.
18. October Mawlid An-Nabi Celebrated with huge festivities and traditional food.
19.  October Cairo Jazz Festival Celebrated with Jazz music acts.
20. October – November Arabic Music Festival Celebrated with music acts and a conference.


Coptic Christmas

Coptic Christmas-tourntips

The Christian holidays of Easter and Christmas are also national holidays and festivals in Egypt because of their secularism and equality, much like the Islamic holidays. Regardless of faith and belief, Coptic Christmas is celebrated in January all over Egypt.

The festival is celebrated excessively, particularly in Egypt’s Cairo and Coptic regions, with celebrations starting around a week before the exact Christmas day. After the evening mass and prayers, people come together to celebrate it with a typical dish of rice, garlic, and meat soup.


Eid Al Ghetas

Eid Al Ghetas-tourntips

Eid Al Ghetass, one more example of Egypt’s religious unity, honors the baptism of Jesus Christ, which is also mentioned in the Holy Quran and has been celebrated in the area of present-day Egypt since ancient times.

This is a festival in Egypt celebrated by all of the Egyptian cultures. This festival sets an example of Egypt’s excellent exhibition of communal peace. One of the most popular festivals in Egypt is a majestic event and celebrated with traditional sweets.


Sun Festival

Sun Festival-tourntips

According to ancient Egyptian mythology, the sun god was the most powerful god, and one of the most sacred festivals in Egypt is celebrated at Abu Simbel’s largest temple when the sun’s rays enter the entryway of the temple and only the statue devoted to Ptah, the goddess of darkness exists in the dark and one of the best-recommended festivals in Egypt.

Other significant gods such as Ra, Ramses, and Amun are blessed, producing a beautiful scene for all those present at the temple.  Also one of the most valued festivals in Egypt.

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Sham al-Naseem

Sham al-Naseem-tourntips

The Sham Al Naseem festival, also known as the smelling breeze festival, marks the start of spring. This ancient festival in Egypt that welcomes spring is celebrated by all people regardless of faith. Families meet and then go to parks, beaches, and historical places for picnics with traditional food products. Dancers on the street, entertainers, and sellers fill the street and keep the people engaged.




3Alganoob is the first camping music festival in Egypt of its kind. The purpose of the festival is to help and encourage tourism in new regions in the south part of Egypt. It also seeks to draw more visitors to hotels, camps, and local restaurants, supporting tribes-people living in the region.

The 3alganoob festival attracts people for three days of awesome independent films, live bands, jamming sessions, drum circles, yoga sessions, and beach cleanups.




The month of Ramadan in Egypt is the most valuable month of the whole year for Muslims all over the world, offers some of the most stunning and special spectacular activities that people won’t see anywhere in the world.

Most Muslims avoid food, beverages, and cigarettes from sunrise to sunset during this month. Bazaars and markets will brighten up with lights and tons of individuals break their fast and celebrate their culture.




Oshtoora is a music and arts festival, a group of like-minded programs, and a continuous experiment. The festival is influenced by nature in both its design and service. Taking place in various places every year, it leaves stories behind and well-motivated by its members, partners, volunteers, friends, and families. It is a participatory meeting since it is as strong as its neighboring community. The festival is now aiming at an alternative financial model in which each member becomes a sponsor to guarantee the survival and freedom of the festival.


Sphinx Festival

Sphinx Festival-tourntips

While Egypt is a largely modern Islamic Society, the country hasn’t forgotten its rich history. In the Red Sea resort town of El Gouna, the grand five-day festival known as the Sphinx Festival in Egypt takes place. This festival has several entertaining events related to ancient Egyptian heritage and seeks to inform people about ancient Egypt and to increase artists and visitors.


Eid Al Fitr

Eid Al Fitr-tourntips

This holiday, also known as the holiest day of the year, is celebrated by all Muslims around the world. This festival, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, welcomes huge celebrations that continue until midnight.

Everyone wears new clothes and welcomes each other with gifts, including clothes, also sweets, and celebrations. Many wealthy and middle-class people are generous to the poor and needy; they provide clothing and food for them.

Employees receive additional benefits and people celebrate their spirit of togetherness, tolerance, and brotherhood all over the country. This is a wonderful opportunity that one has to experience when going to Egypt and is one of the best festivals in Egypt.




Moulid, which in Arabic means birthday, is a celebration of a holy person. Muslims and Christians in Egypt celebrate it to honor their saints. In similar festivals in Egypt honor some Coptic Saints, while most Moulids are Muslim. The Coptic Moulids move from the Nile Delta to Assyut from May to October. The Lunar Islamic Calendar standardizes the Islamic Moulids.


Leylet En Nuktah

Leylet En Nuktah-tourntips

Leylet is one of the most popular festivals in Egypt. Since it was the place of the first civilization in the region, Egyptians worship the Nile as a goddess and this auspicious motherly river always exists as a significant source of water for the Egyptian people as well as a living.

Ancient Egyptians used to celebrate this festival by giving thanks to the Nile River by sacrificing beautiful women to please their gods. Even though sacrifices are no longer part of the tradition, modern Egyptians celebrate this festival by arranging picnics and family gatherings on the banks of the River Nile.


Sandbox Music Festival


An outdoor music festival in Egypt takes place on the beach.  House, disco, and dance music DJs attract party-goers who party long into the evening. Travelers who want to engage themselves (or just enjoy dancing) in youthful and contemporary Egyptian culture will get a lot of enjoyment in the beachside fest.


Eid Al Adha

Eid Al Adha-tourntips

Famously known as the “Sacrifice Feast” or the “Bakr Eid”, this maybe is the second holiest day of the year for Muslims. It is one of the two occasions that is celebrated all around the globe by Muslims as one. It honors the desire of Ibrahim, one of Islam’s Major Prophets, to offer his own son as an act of obedience to Allah, the one true god.

To celebrate this event, goats are sacrificed and the meat from the goat is typically separated into three parts, the family eats the first 1/3 part, the second 1/3rd is given to relatives and friends, and the last third is given to the helpless and poor who cannot enjoy the same comfort.


Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year-tourntips

The Islamic New Year is one of the biggest Islamic festivals in Egypt, a festival celebrated with greatness all over the world. New Year means new possibilities, hope, and joy and people in Egypt celebrate it by cooking traditional Islamic as well as Arabic delicacies.


Wafaa Al Nil

Wafaa Al Nil-tourntips

Wafaa Al Nil or Fidelity of the Nile, one of the finest festivals in Egypt dedicated to the holy Nile, is held each year in September to mark the importance of this river to the Egyptian people. This festival is mainly a cultural festival in Egypt that involves concerts, readings of poetry, and activities for the Egyptian children.


The International Samaa’ Festival for Spiritual Music and Chanting

The International Samaa’ Festival for Spiritual Music and Chanting-tourntips

The Ministry of Culture arranges The International Samaa’ (Hearing) Festival For Spiritual Music and  Chanting which takes place at the spectacular Salah Eldin Citadel, Kobbet El Ghoury, and El Hanager Art Center (Opera House). The goal of the festival is to establish the various arts, cultures, and religious heritages of the lively countries throughout the world.




Cloud 9 is a music festival that brings independent people together to enjoy underground music, to enjoy nature, and to adopt a basic lifestyle. The 3-day music festival brings together a diverse range of bands, artists, and workshops to encourage free self-expression and promote a more natural way of life. The festival aims to inspire the underground music community and provide the opportunity for music lovers to experience music and the magic of Sinai directly.


Mawlid An-Nabi

Mawlid An Nabi-tourntips

One of the major Islamic festivals in Egypt is Mawlid an-Nabi, which highlights the birth of the Prophet Muhammad and is celebrated in Egypt with huge festivities. Families come together to enjoy these festivities. On the roadside, traditional food is sold and people eat hummus along with the usual traditional food and enjoy this holiday with great pleasure.


Cairo Jazz Festival

Cairo Jazz Festival-tourntips

Amro Salah, the pianist, composer, and producer originated ‘The first annual Cairo Jazz Festival’ (CJF), driven by a love for celebrating jazz and paying homage to one of the rare types of music that, from Alaska to New Zealand, magically transfers and overpowers humans across the world.


Arabic Music Festival

Arabic Music Festival-tourntips

The Arabic Music Festival in Egypt is an annual event celebrating classic and traditional Arabic music. The event’s key location is the Cairo Opera House. The Opera House is situated on Gezira Island on the Nile River and is part of a cultural district that comprises the Modern Egyptian Arts Museum and the El Hangar Theatre.

Since then, the festival has become a platform for the world’s best Arabic instrumentalists, musicians, and jazz bands to assemble to perform. The festival pays respect to existing artists and adds new talents often. The best musical act will deserve a cash prize and also awards at the festival. The musicians can attend a conference on the topics relevant to Arabic music.


Related Questions
  1. What holidays do people in Egypt celebrate?

Holidays in Egypt include religious and national holidays followed by Egyptians all over the nation, take for example Coptic Christmas Day and Revolution Day and few more holidays.

  1. What is the best time to visit Egypt?

The perfect time to visit Egypt is during the winter months. October to April is an ideal period for a great vacation.

  1. Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

It is absolutely safe to travel to Egypt. But you must look after your belongings.

  1. What to pack for your Egypt tour?

You must pack sunscreen, lotions, cotton clothes, a hat, and sunglasses.

  1. What is Egypt famous for?

Egypt is known for its ancient civilization and for some of the most important monuments in the world, including the pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and the ancient Luxor Temple.

  1. What are the best food delicacies of Egypt?

Egypt is famous for its food and you need to try Ful Medames, Falafel, Koshari, Mahshi, Shawarma, Molokhia, Fattah, Feseekh, Roz bel laban, Umm Ali and many such dishes.

Ancient Egyptian Festivals and Celebrations