The Best Couch Surfing Tips

Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

Couch surfing provides platform linking participants to a global traveler network. You can use Couch surfing to find a place to stay with travelers or share with them your home and home. Couch surfers in 200,000 cities around the world organize regular events. There is always something to do and there is something to meet with new friends.

Although the term “couch surfing” simply refers to staying with hosts while you’re traveling, more than 4 million couch surfers look for websites for a safe way to find hosts offering free accommodation. There are online hubs and social sites to help budget travelers and backpackers meet potential hosts around the world.

Some hosts are themselves former travelers or expatriates moving to another country. We love to stay in touch with the world of travel. In other cases, hosts are local people involved in sharing and learning English with friends from other nations. Everyone agrees to be free to open their homes to strangers. The contact always turns into lasting friendships!

“Couch surfing” has an appealing resonance to it, but there’s some good news: you’re not always going to migrate to couch sleeping. There are many hosts who have spare bedrooms; you might even have your own bathroom. There are guest cottages available on some splendid occasions!


How does it feel couch surfing?

Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

Couch surfing is a global community of 14 million people who share their lives, their country, their journey in more than 200,000 cities. Couch surfing connects travelers to a global network of people keen to share, making travel a genuinely social experience.

Create a profile

Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

Entirely fill out the surf profile of your couch surfing profile. This is going to be your home base and it’s a reflection of you: your lifestyle, your mission and what matters to you. Having a full profile is the easiest way to connect with people whether they are going to the weekly event in your city or welcoming a visitor. If you’re traveling or want to host, you can tell people here. Make sure pictures are included.

Discover your city

Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

Pay a visit to your city next time! Contacting professional couch surfers in your region is the best way to get an idea of how couch surfing works. Many cities usually have a weekly event at a bar or coffee shop. Just go to the Place Page of your city and look at the events taking place near you. Tap on the “Join” button and you’re on the way!

Surf the world

Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

Search for the city or cities if you’re ready to get on an adventure! You’re planning to visit and browse with available couches. To find people you might want to stay with, look through profiles and references. If you consider any interesting potential hosts, review their profile carefully and submit a couch application for the dates you will be there. Roughly five couch applications are usually recommended. Make sure that your messages are personalized and tell your host why you want to meet them!

List your couch

After studying the site and attending an event or two, consider providing travelers with your couch, spare room or air mattress. Set the status of your couch to Couch Details. You can set it to “Not Right now” if you want to be available to travelers as a city resource, but are unable to host it. You can set it to “No” if you are unavailable or have no extra space, or “Maybe / Yes” to show up in search results for travelers planning a trip to your area.

Is Couch surfing free?

Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

Money should not be shared, but giving a thoughtful gift to a host is something thoughtful. Nevertheless, a drink from your home country or a bottle of wine is not expected to work. When you show up empty-handed, try to cover a meal or prepare food at home.

As a couch surfer, what is expected of you is a little rapport. The recipient of a freebie should interact with hosts just like when hitchhiking, not just use them for convenience. Don’t stay aloof or so busy that your host gets used or neglected to feel. A large part of the experience of couch surfing is having a local available to give advice that can’t be found in the guidebook. Their tips for insiders can save you money and improve your ride.


Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

Couch surfing will improve your travel in other ways, along with the obvious benefit of having a free place to stay:

  • Besides the tourist scene you get a peek and you can go a little deeper to connect to a destination. A good host will give you a better understanding of where you are going to visit.
  • Your local friend will know the hidden hotspots and can provide insider sights and activities with money-saving advice. You will learn from the tourist traps about hoaxes to avoid and where to find the best food in the city.
  • You might have a kitchen service. Shopping and preparing food at home is cheaper and healthier than dining out every meal at restaurants like other travelers often do.
  • Even if you do have lodging, you could also use the Couch surfing websites to find meetings and hangouts for travelers.
  • By couch surfing, sustainable relationships are often established.
  • Couch surfing is not only for backpackers, but couples and families with children also find hosts who share the same interests on a regular basis.

Reorganize Couch surfing

Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

Free accommodation is fantastic, but personal space and privacy are also equally important. Don’t intend to stay with hosts every night of your trip or share hostel rooms. This will fatigue you and make you less excited to meet the hosts in your next destinations.

Its great fun to connect with hosts and travelers from around the world, but doing so also requires energy. Every now and then you intend to treat yourself for some personal space and relaxation in private rooms.

Is Couch surfing safe?

Although it seems intrinsically hazardous to stay with perfect strangers, particularly if you watch the nightly news, many websites are designed to filter out bad hosts and guests. For numerous reasons, a lot of emphasis is put on security.

First, you can choose the type of host you want to stay with. Based on their public profiles, you can get a sense of their personalities and interests. The better the more time and information you put into your own profile. The websites recommend conversation through the Couch surfing websites before agreeing to stay with a host and asking relevant questions.

You can see comments left by other travelers who remained in front of you before selecting a host. If there is not enough confidence in the public reviews, you can even privately contact those travelers to see if they have a good experience and stay with a specific host again.

Safety essentials

Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

Appraise profiles and references carefully

Whether you’re traveling, attending a case, or joining a Hangout, take the time to check member profiles carefully. Write what members were thinking about themselves and what was said about them by other members. Give yourself the time to read all available information thoroughly and do not compromise. Continue looking if you’re uncomfortable.

Rely on your impulse

If, for any cause, an individual, a circumstance or a profile appears unsafe, just budge on. Don’t think about the presence of rude. Know your boundaries and don’t be afraid to tell them. If you’re uncomfortable with someone in a Hangout, leave the Hangout or don’t attend. Clearly communicate and take care of yourself with others. If staying alone with a member is uncomfortable, consider staying with family or couples.

Keep up a backup plan

Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

If there’s something wrong with your host, or if they’ve misrepresented themselves or their house, make sure you’ve got an alternate place to stay. Identify the nearest hostel or hotel or, before you leave, have a backup host in place. If necessary, study the neighborhood of your host before you arrives, including how to get there by yourself. If you’re going to a party or joining a hangout, check out the place before attending.

Keep posted about the country you are traveling

Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

Do your homework and make sure that you are conscious of cultural and religious differences, sensitivities, and guidelines for general safety for each place you travel. The responsibilities and perceptions of sex can be wildly different in each country.

Correspond through Couch surfing websites

Never give a new person your phone number or email address before you meet them and feel at ease with them. For connect, use only the website and mobile apps.

Personal safety tips

  • Look for hosts or surfers whose profiles are complete with a real name, simple images, and detailed and appropriate descriptions of them and their couches.
  • Review the profiles of those attending and know the location when looking for an event or joining a Hangout, especially if you’re in an unknown area.
  • Comprehend hosts or travelers’ links to get a sense of the experiences of others.
  • Women travelers can book with female hosts and vice versa.
  • Make certain you understand a host’s degree of privacy while surfing. Read carefully through the profiles of the community and be sure to ask questions about anything that is ambiguous.
  • Ask more questions! Talk about it! You should know exactly what to expect, and so will your host/surfer, and when you meet both will probably be more confident and comfortable.
  • Learn the rules of the house, when it’s best to be quiet for hours? How will you get in and out if there are different schedules for you and your host/surfer?
  • If you feel uncomfortable with your Surfer / Host for any reason, interact politically and honestly with the situation to see if you can find a solution.
  • It can be unnerving to fly. This could be further complicated by using drugs and alcohol. Do not leave your well-being in someone else’s hands.
  • Contact local authorities such as police or emergency services immediately in any situation where you feel vulnerable, menaced or in grave danger.

Couch surfing etiquette

Couch Surfing is For those Who Need a Home Away From Home

Though couch surfing is totally free, note that your host is not paid for giving up their home and time to meet people and form new relationships. You can clean the place when you share the space with your host because if you mess around, then they might not be comfortable with you. To be a good host, offer your guests assistance with clear directions as well. The hosts should be able to inform their guests few important kinds of stuff such as wifi password, how to operate your TV remotes, was to leave the keys and how to open certain doors in your house.

 In getting to know your host, be a good couch surfer; plan to spend a little time with them instead of just turning up when it’s time to sleep. Do not view your home as a free hotel. It is optional to bring a small gift, but always expect to connect a little bit. After leaving, if the experience was positive, put down a nice referral on the website for them. Don’t throw any huge parties. If your host expects you not to smoke indoors, then don’t light up. Try to socialize with more people. Try not to be too noisy.

Related Questions

1.Can you earn money out of Couch surfing?

Presently, you can make money through offering member verification, for the cost of $25 or the equal for your currency/county.

2.Is couch surfing safe?

The majority of Couch surfing experiences are not only safe, but out-and-out life-changing. You need to be responsible for your personal safety while traveling. It’s just as important when you’re Couch surfing.

3.How does couch surfing work?

Couch surfing is a community website where you can create a profile to tell fellow mates about yourself, and then use that to get access to free accommodation in a local traveler, host a traveler in your home  or meet-up with people from all over the world .

4.Can you Couch surf as a couple?

Yes, you can couch surf as a couple! Couch surfing as a couple is very rewarding for both the couple and the host and many CS hosts actually prefer to host couples.



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Couch surfing provides platform linking participants to a global traveler network. You can use Couch surfing to find a place to stay with travelers or share with them your home and home