The Best Gay Friendly Places In Europe

Set Out to Gay Friendly Destinations in Europe

 “Travel gay Europe”  has become now a much more transparent-minded culture. The acceptance of the LGBT community is prevalent now around the world, especially in Europe. As well as this, there is a normalization of gender and more equality for men today. As a result, LGBT tourism has risen in many European cities and Pride Month happens in more than 20 European countries.

What makes a destination gay-friendly?

The most obvious response is that the gay community destinations have pubs, hotels, cafes, shops for them. It must be a pleasure to be at a gay-friendly destination. It is not necessary to host the world’s largest gay pride or to have the gay bars. What counts is a courteous welcome and the way a country makes travelers feel at home.  You can discover gay travelers ‘ best European destinations. So, book your flights, hotels and best things to do at the best price in Europe!

Although these reforms in attitudes towards sexuality have been mirrored in tourism. But, there are, unfortunately, still many places in the world where homosexuality is punishable by fines, prison sentences and the death penalty. Luckily, however, many countries accept and defend gay people within the law. It’s because of this it’s so important for the gay community to know that destinations would welcome them without the need to hide. Fortunately, the gay community is open to Western Europe and full of the most fascinating deals too.

Ibiza and Barcelona, Spain

Set Out to Gay Friendly Destinations in Europe

Ibiza introduced Gay Pride, an initiative aimed at improving and restoring the island’s gay tourism. There are many gay bars and clubs, including Club HEART and Lola’s, which host LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) events in Ibiza.

Spain, in general, has an excellent gay community as well as Ibiza, with Madrid being the peninsula’s gay capital. The Madrid Pride is held in June / July each year and is one of Europe’s largest gay pride parades. There is also an annual festival’ the WE Pride Festival” that takes place in July for five days.

Barcelona has become one of Europe’s favorite destinations for the lesbian, gay, transsexual and bisexual community. It has become an unprejudiced and cosmopolitan metropolis. The city offers its visitors a whole host of attractions associated with diversity, freedom, and tolerance. The LGTB district, with its year-round offer of services, is a good example of this.

This is not only for the LGTB family but is home to a wide range of gay-friendly pubs, shops, and restaurants. The best way to heat up the atmosphere of the gay scene in Barcelona is to wander through this district’s streets. And you can see the rainbow flags reflected with pride from the balconies and in the windows of the shop and bar. Visitors can find travel agents and hotels that are gay and lesbian-friendly, as well as hairdressers, clothing stores, cafes, and clubs.

Mykonos, Greece

Set Out to Gay Friendly Destinations in Europe

Conventionally, the most vibrant island in Greece has been one of the most popular destinations for gay visitors. Mykonos has so many cultural and leisure opportunities. So, it’s difficult not to take advantage of its tourist offers, regardless of whether you’re looking for a good party or not. Due to its size, even a weekend spent there will give you some insight into the wonders this small island. The fact that it is very well connected makes it a key destination to visit during the summer holidays.

Paris, France

Set Out to Gay Friendly Destinations in Europe

Le Marais is the Parisian consummate gay district, although there are other less popular districts throughout the region. In the 1980s, as artists and bohemians began to settle in the area, Le Marais became a gay-friendly region. It transforms it into one of Paris ‘ most trendy spots, with houses typically hitting astronomical prices. People can pay a visit tot Scream which is one of the best gay clubs. There are plenty of gay bars and pubs as well as this.

Berlin, Germany

Set Out to Gay Friendly Destinations in Europe

Berlin is a city that is fully accepting of the LGBT community, the birthplace of avant-garde movements; The Schwules Museum is one of its attractions. And it displays of homosexual history, art and culture. Berlin is really raising the bar for all other European cities with a lot of gay clubs, restaurants and hotels.

Berlin’s Christopher Street Day (Gay Pride Day) takes place throughout the city and is Europe’s most well-known place. It finishes under the Victory Column with a huge party. This usually takes place at the end of June. Certain cities such as Hamburg, Cologne and Zurich are also celebrating the festival as well.

Amsterdam, Holland

Holland is the trailblazer of LGBT and its rights, and in 2001, the country was the first to legalize gay marriage. The heart of the world’s most welcoming city boasts over 100 LGBT-focused businesses. It includes bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, resorts, saunas, and libraries. There are famous bars in Reguliersdwarsstraat, such as Havana, a recent,spacious bar with an industrial look. It has two floors, where you can have an afternoon coffee and even have a drink and a night party. You can also find one of Amsterdam’s most famous gay establishments on the same street. It has also just reinstated its doors and where you can eat in its cafeteria.You can also enjoy the best music in an exclusive nightclub. Amsterdam has one of the world’s most special pride events; it’s happening on the water! Thousands of people were boarding the ships and floating down the city canals.

Brussels, Belgium

Set Out to Gay Friendly Destinations in Europe

Brussels, speaking of Gay Pride, is hosting one of the most impressive. His processions are down the entire city’s hills and narrow alleys. The festival is for people from all over Belgium as it is one of the best in Europe. And that’s not to mention the LGBT community’s array of daily activities on offer. The area ‘the gay district of Brussels’ is always at their disposal: Saint-Jaques is very central and next to the popular Manneken Pis. The most’ gay’ street is Marché Au Charbon. It is full of bars and small corners for the LGBT community in particular.

Helsinki, Finland

With their endless number and gay inclusiveness, the Nordic countries continue to impress us. Open-mindedness is a well-developed Finnish characteristic, and they love to receive visitors. Helsinki has a lot to offer. You can also find the largest gay nightclub in the Nordic countries. You will also witness the Nordic Gay Pride in its entire grandeur. It fills the entire city with bright lights and tens of thousands of attendees.

Reykjavik, Iceland

One of the most open and inclusive cities in the world is the most northerly capital in the world. In 2006, same-sex partners in all respects inherited the same rights as heterosexuals. However, it is one of Europe’s most popular attractions, where you can walk between the waterfalls. And you can go down to extinct volcanoes or spend the day in one of the many tidal power estuaries.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Set Out to Gay Friendly Destinations in Europe

In 1998, Denmark made history becoming the first nation in the universe to accept same-sex fusion; you can find one of Europe’s oldest openly gay bars in Copenhagen.The Centralhjornet dating back to the 1950s, as well as Vesterbro’s new neighborhood, which also the city’s Red Light District. It is one of Europe’s most tolerant and open cultures. With practical but offbeat architecture, a huge range of gay-friendly bars and charismatic hotels.

London, United Kingdom

Soho was Europe’s first gay district and is undoubtedly the city’s liveliest portion. It used to be a prostitution zone, just like Madrid’s Chueca neighborhood, and it had a notorious reputation.

The sex shops were the street kings, but an ambitious regeneration project has opened the place to the tourists. London is known to be providing the most complete package in terms of fun places. The most vastly suggested in terms of bars are The Yard, Friendly Society, G.A.Y and She Soho. The theatres, shops, and cafes are not to be missed during the day with everything that London has to bring.

Heaven, Ku or the legendary Sound Ministry catches the attention of a large number of people for night time. Certain “ambient” spots, like Brixton just south of the Thames, or King’s Cross in the city’s north, have arisen as well. Clubs such as Wolf and Crash are part of this choice.

Every year in London, pride is celebrated with a massive street parade that celebrates LGBT and its history.

Vienna, Austria

Set Out to Gay Friendly Destinations in Europe

Not so many European cities, like the Austrian capital, have such a strong gay history. Gay emperors, soldiers or composers of the past days, and all today’s gays and lesbians make Vienna a special destination for travelers. Gays and lesbians in Vienna were willing to do more than just go out. They can also satisfy their shopping wishes.

If you want to read something good on your holiday, you should visit the Lowenherz, a gay and lesbian bookstore. You can browse through thousands of books here for hours. There are picture books, newspapers, and DVDs as well as classics and foreign literature available for the readers.

Algarve and Porto, Portugal

It serves completely for the ardent lovers of nature. The colors of the mountains and the sea are always with you everywhere you look; It creates the impression of a watercolor mixed with gold, green and blue highlights. The area is vast and nice. It has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by the low tide odor of the sea and the fragrance of wildflowers. The best way to get to know it to walk through the tangled web of narrow streets,and  alleys off the coast. But in the vastness of the coastal strip, you can also easily lose yourself.

You can enjoy having a good time in good company at night, and Porto provides the right places to do so. There are areas that are modern and intimate. With creative and open-minded ideas, spaces with indoor spaces, where a range of cultures and arts live side by side; It showcases the resourcefulness and mockery of the young developers of the area. There are areas with open-air spaces, art galleries, restaurants, theater and performance stages. They are even trendy parks with alternative sound and retro atmosphere.

Dresden and Dusseldorf, Germany

Set Out to Gay Friendly Destinations in Europe

After Berlin, Dresden is also considered as an LGBT destination in Germany. You have more things to admire about Dresden. Dresden is a great European city break destination. It is an ideal destination for culture, craft, heritage, architecture enthusiastic travelers. The city is safe and the LGBT community has many places. Dresden has been grade among the most romantic cities in Europe. So, don’t waste time and book your flights and hotel at the best price.You can listen to foot-tapping Gala Concert.

This is how the lifestyle city on the banks of the Rhine introduces itself to its visitors in a warm, thrilling and inclusive manner: it is the place where everyone will find something to their taste. Admittedly, Dusseldorf’s gay scene isn’t that strong. But the culture is vibrant and lively on the other side! In Dusseldorf, you find a number of bars and clubs, major events and organizations, as well as excellent shopping opportunities. It is another fine destination that welcomes and gives room for the LGBT community.

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1. What are the gayest cities in the USA?

Provincetown in Massachusetts has been ranked as “the gayest city in America”.

2. Which is the gay capital of the USA?

Portland could be the gay capital of the USA. Because, in Portland, places such as Oregon and Austin, Texas, Salt lake city and Utah, LGBT culture is widely spread out.

3. Which is the gay capital of Europe?

Berlin has a long track record of gay culture and impact on renowned entertainment. It was the Gay Capital of Europe in the 1920s, according to some writers.


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There is now a much more transparent-minded culture and acceptance of the LGBT community after many years of campaigning and protesting in cities around the world, especially in Europe