Top Vacation Spots for Couples in China

The Best Vacation Getaways for Couples in China

“Best Vacation Spots for Couples China” Couples routing to China on a romantic trip are utterly in for a treat. The country is a stunning holiday destination.

It ranges from beautiful beach resorts and luxury city hotels to great cultural attractions and endless activities.

Whatever the chance, love is the secret to lighting with your partner any occasion or surprise. China is a great place to choose from if you’re looking for a romantic destination.

And China is the one of the best destinations for honeymoon. This makes us believe that China has in it the great romance component that makes it stand out!

Why should couples prefer China?

When you plan your honeymoon in the Chinese land, you should know when to travel is the most important thing to do.

Because it is not only an enjoyable season in China that would make your vacation fun but also the fact that there are no Chinese public holidays or celebrations such as the Chinese New Year.

You can plan your trip anytime during the spring or autumn when you come to the perfect time to visit China for a honeymoon.

The months from March to May and September to November are more comfortable since the weather will be fine. The views are more spectacular and it’s easier to roam around!

Being a huge country with countless cities and regions, almost every conveyance possible connects every place to visit in China. You can take domestic flights to fly between cities and save time also.

If you’re exploring an area, then the best choice to make is to choose the well-spread railways in the region. You can both get around easily with faster bullet trains and a few slower trains.

Beijing Hutongs

The Best Vacation Getaways for Couples in China

The least evident is sometimes the best spot for a couple’s getaway, the one where love is even rarer. Beijing’s Hutongs are such an unusual but unexpectedly romantic location.

The Hutongs are alleys quadrangle courtyard houses that have been home to the families of Beijing for generations, providing an insight into the lives of local people.

Take a rickshaw to get about the winding Hutongs and you’ll know how their lives are being lived by native people.

Make sure you save time to visit a local family and learn how to make Chinese dumplings. The learning process will make your relationship stronger.

 Yulong River, Yangshuo, Guilin

The Best Vacation Getaways for Couples in China

If the idea is to make your lover feel lighter than air, head to the Yulong River in Yangshuo District. A primitive yet fine landscape surrounds the serene river:

Green bamboo forests, green rice paddies, rolling karst hills, village women washing their clothes, smoke from the chimneys, old men fishing cormorants, flocks of ducks swimming in the water.

The best thing to do is ride along the river or float on a traditional bamboo raft to get close to nature with the rural scenery as the backdrop.

Mt. Huangshan, Anhui

The Best Vacation Getaways for Couples in China

Mt. Huangshan is China’s most prominent and perhaps also the most romantic peak. It is renowned for its unusual cliffs, strange pine trees, cloud shore, hot springs, and capes of winter snows.

Enjoy sunsets / sunrises, picturesque mountain views, soothing air and moments of peacefulness is a great experience to spend two or three days on the mountain.

And if you settle on showing your love for each other, go and throw the key into the valley, symbolizing, according to legend, that no one will be able to break your bond.

A massive amount of lovers come with padlocks engraved with their names and secure them to the chains that run up the mountain trails every year.

The Bund, Shanghai

The Best Vacation Getaways for Couples in China

If your thing is a hand-in-hand stroll with the splendor of the city, the Bund of Shanghai might be the perfect place for you.

The Bund has been the most romantic corner of Shanghai since a century ago. Since it faces Pudong’s skyscrapers across the Huangpu River and with colonial-era buildings of various styles.

It’s the best time to go there at night. Then schedule a private, candlelit dinner at one of Shanghai’s famous restaurants. Overlook the bund, and look with some of the Shanghai skyline’s best views out there.

Then take a walk along the 1.5-km-long promenade with views of Pudong’s huge and gleaming financial buildings. Jump when your feet are tired.

West Lake, Hangzhou

The Best Vacation Getaways for Couples in China

West Lake is renowned for its picturesque beauty, which combines well with historical and cultural sites. Gardens, pagoda-toped mountains and elegant bridges rise over willow-lined seas.

A traditional Chinese landscape garden has all the elements of the lake and its surroundings.

Some West Lake stories will invoke your romantic mood as well. The most famous one, Lady White Snake Legend, says: on a rainy day, a white snake fairy came across the poor scholar Xuxian on West Lake’s Broken Bridge. At first sight, they fell in love and married and then had a son, but in the Leifeng Pagoda, the evil monk named Fahai imprisoned the White Snake.

Dali Ancient Town, Yunnan

The Best Vacation Getaways for Couples in China

Dali’s ancient, walled town has a laid-back atmosphere, enhanced by its spectacular surroundings-on one side. The Cangshan Mountain and on the other, the vast, clean Erhai Lake.

Authentic feeling and fewer hordes of tourists make it an attractive alternative to the usual Lijiang Old Town tourist hot spot. To couples seeking peace and love in the midst of wild, it is therefore a magnet.

The Bai ethnic minority, a Tibetan-Burmese folk, is home to this small town. It retains the charm of the old world-narrow cobbled streets.

Typical Bai houses with stone walls and dark blue tile roofs, traditionally dressed local women selling Bai ethnic ties, fruits and tobacco.

Take a boat trip on the Erhai Lake to get mood elevated, bike out to some of the smaller villages of the local Bai minority group. Wander the Foreigner Street brimming with antique shops and quaint cafes.

Check out the vibrant markets and sit in a tea house enjoying the traditional Three Cups of Tea service, all these moments will be beautiful memories to cherish.

Water Towns of Suzhou

The Best Vacation Getaways for Couples in China

If you’re looking for a secluded, serene setting to escape the urban hustle and enjoy some leisure time,  in Suzhou’s water towns like Zhouzhuang and Tongli (the latter, however, is less touristy).

The few places in China that maintain dreamy, rustic charm are these ancient water cities. All the city streets are busy along the rivers and canals, and the streets have bridges.

A walk through old mansions, traditional factories and shops down the flagstone-paved streets will make your partner automatically put your hands on yours.

A boat ride through the lantern-lined canals allows two of you to enjoy the peace and witness more local lives.

 North Mt. Everest Base Camp, Tibet

The Best Vacation Getaways for Couples in China

If you are the adventurous kind, you and your partner will beat a trekking trip to Mount Everest’s North Face Base Camp in Tibet. In the traditional sense, going on a trek together may not sound romantic.

Yet hiking to the highest mountain in the world is something else. You will witness some of Earth’s most beautiful mountain views and holiest Buddhist monasteries, and peaceful Sherpa villages.

Trekking in May, September and October is the best time. Consider trekking in July and August as floods or landslides can block the road.

Tiger Leaping Gorge, near Lijiang, Yunnan

The Best Vacation Getaways for Couples in China

Seeking a more fairytale setting is challenging than Shangri-La, a small Tibetan county in the Yunnan Province of Southwest China.

“Shangri-La” is an earthly paradise, a permanently happy land in the world.

But only one location was officially gone by Shangri-La’s name-Zhongdian. And it’s really up to the mark. This beautiful land covers an area of snow-mountains, dense forests, and alpine lakes, Napa Lake and Shudu Lake, grasslands, gorges and the monastery of Songzanlin.

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The best time to visit China is from March to May and September to November is the spring and autumn months.

2.What is China known for?

China is also famous for its many attractions besides the land of inventions. From the compass to gunpowder and acupuncture to the printing press, China has done a lot.

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Couples routing to China on a romantic trip are utterly in for a treat. The country is a stunning holiday destination, ranging from beautiful beach resorts and luxury city hotels to great cultural